Student Community


The Student Community at Redemption Hill exists to provide an age-appropriate context for Gospel application and Christian friendship for our students. We seek to be family-centered while providing a unique setting for our students in 5th-10th grades.

Sometimes our discussions center on the application of the sermon. One family-centered goal we have is to encourage attentive listening and specific application of the message that our students hear with their parents on Sunday morning.

At other times, our discussions focus on Bible projects that challenge the students to read and apply the Bible themselves. Or together we learn Gospel truth than will draw our hearts to Jesus.

We begin with a meal and build a comfortable atmosphere with active games. The bulk of our meeting time is spent in our Bible discussion closing with a short period that is focused on missions. We seek to provide simple opportunities for missional engagement, and we encourage as much parental involvement as is possible for families.

When & Where

The Student Community meets at The 400 every other Sunday evening. For details about the next Student Community gathering, check out the calendar.

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