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Mar 2011

2011 Lent Guide

Click to download our 2011 Lent guide.

Our Lenten Rhythm: A New Twist on an Ancient Practice
This season let’s try something new…not for the sake of new or because the old way is broken. But in an effort to be more holistic and intentional, let’s strike an intentional rhythm to the steps of our journey to the cross. This year our Lenten journey will look like:

Weekly Fasts
Each week, we’ll be fasting from a particular pleasure. Lent Sundays are “Feast” days when in celebration of the goodness Jesus brings, we break our fasts. Do each fast for the week and only for that week; or, consider letting them build on each other, so that by the end of Lent, you are doing all six weekly fasts at the same time.

Daily Readings & Prayers
Our daily rythmn will be reading & reflection one day, prayer the next. On one day, you’ll read a passage of Scripture and reflect on a specific aspect of it. On the next day, you’ll use the Lord’s prayer as a guide to pray through what you’ve discovered about your heart the day before. For example, on Day 1 there is a reading on simplicity with questions designed to help you wrestle with what things end up ‘own- ing you’. On day 2, you would pray through the Lord’s Prayer with the intention of letting each petition shape and challenge what you discovered in your heart the day before.

Corporate Prayer/Feasting Days
On Lent Sunday, feast days, we will all be using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide to pray for Redemption Hill. When possible, do this with members of the Redemption Hill community in connection with feasting in anticipation for the ‘great feast’ that is Easter.

As we observe Lent, here are some other helpful practices to put into the rhythm of your daily life:

  • Read through one of the Gospels between now and Easter.
  • If you don’t already journal, begin now. Reflect on your readings, prayers and questions.
  • Find a way to go to bed earlier, get enough rest and rise earlier.
  • Make a list of people with whom you need to be reconciled. Pray for themand let Jesus guide you in your thinking and feeling toward them.
  • List the priorities in your life at the beginning of Lent. Revisit at the end.

Click to download our 2011 Lent guide.


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