Aug 2016

2016 Summer Dinner Series | Week 1


The theme for our 2016 Summer Dinner Series was “Ask Me Anything.” We took time each week to answer questions that members of Redemption Hill submitted in the weeks leading up to our Summer Dinner Series. Some of the topics that we addressed included: gender and sexual identity issues, the role of women in family, church, and the workplace, the sovereignty of God, and many other issues pertaining to the cultural landscape we as Christians find ourselves in.

The following audio file is from Week 1 of our 2016 Summer Dinner Series.

Gender and Sexuality
Speaker: Raymond Goodlett
Submitted Questions:

  • As parents of young children, how do we navigate this new cultural shift in values in our society? What do we tell our kids? How do we prepare them when they start to ask questions? (This is mostly with regard to LGBT issues).
  • How should we, as Christians, approach gay weddings that we have been invited to attend?
  • How does God (the Bible) view homosexuality? I want to love and care for people who claim to be homosexual, but how do I do that through the lens of the gospel?
    Suggested Resources:

  • Is God Anti-Gay? by Sam Allberry. 2013.
  • Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem (chapter 22: Man as Male and Female), pp.454-471. Intervarsity Press, 1994.
  • Same Sex Attraction and the Church by Ed Shaw. Intervarsity Books. 2015.
  • What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? by Raymond Goodlett. Redemption Hill Church. Summer Dinner Series 2014, Week #4.






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