Aug 2016

2016 Summer Dinner Series | Week 2


The theme for our 2016 Summer Dinner Series was “Ask Me Anything.” We took time each week to answer questions that members of Redemption Hill submitted in the weeks leading up to our Summer Dinner Series. Some of the topics that we addressed included: gender and sexual identity issues, the role of women in family, church, and the workplace, the sovereignty of God, and many other issues pertaining to the cultural landscape we as Christians find ourselves in.

The following audio file is from Week 2 of our 2016 Summer Dinner Series.

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God
Speaker: Demetrius White
Submitted Questions:

  • So why does God let terrible things [happen] on earth (Tornadoes,Hurricanes,Volcanic Eruptions,Tsunamis,and things we humans have done)? Why does he allow innocent lives to be put at risk? Please answer.
  • Why didn’t God vanquish sin right after the first sin was committed by Adam and Even in order to destroy once and for all and restore creation to the way He originally designed it?
  • Why does God allow sin to remain on this earth and allow awful, horrible things to happen to innocent, defenseless people, such as, human sex trafficking and abortion to name a few?
  • How can a God who allows extreme suffering – homelessness, joblessness, lack of health, still be good and still be showing me/us His love and presence? How can we experience Him in the lack of everything else?
  • We believe in a sovereign God, and the He is sovereign over sin and evil…He does not turn away [control] or have no control over evil, yet He does not participate in it. How does that work?
  • My son asked me the other day when he saw a news report of a tornado touching down, killing a family,… “why did God do that?” I didn’t have a good answer
  • How does God’s sovereignty affect my prayers?






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