Aug 2016

2016 Summer Dinner Series | Week 3


The theme for our 2016 Summer Dinner Series was “Ask Me Anything.” We took time each week to answer questions that members of Redemption Hill submitted in the weeks leading up to our Summer Dinner Series. Some of the topics that we addressed included: gender and sexual identity issues, the role of women in family, church, and the workplace, the sovereignty of God, and many other issues pertaining to the cultural landscape we as Christians find ourselves in.

The following audio file is from Week 3 of our 2016 Summer Dinner Series.

Women in the Church (Complementarianism)
Speaker: Robert Greene
Submitted Questions:

  • We spent a good portion of last year and thru Easter this year studying the book of Mark. Why did we stop at Mark 16:8? Will we ever study the last 12 verses? Do we believe these 12 verses are the Holy Spirit inspired word of God?
  • Why are the pastors traveling between church sites? Why have we not planted a church?
  • As pastors, how do ya’ll go about caring for so many people, guarding yourselves and family and yet still remaining open and approachable? How particular have you seen God’s hand in this?
  • Does the leadership of RH feel that the church could be described as welcoming and joyful?
  • Why doesn’t the Fourhundred have a sign giving the church’s name? Is it intentional?
  • How can God’s people at RH better support and encourage the elders?
  • What does Redemption Hill see as the role of Women in the church?
  • What are women’s role in the church? Married and single? Leadership in the church?
  • What is a woman’s role at Redemption Hill? I see some women leading liturgy. Where does Redemption Hill stand?
  • I finally learned that there is a difference between tithing and giving. What is the pastors opinion on where the Tithes should go and why? I am tempted to tithe to a tiny church where the money would still make a difference in whether or not the pastor eats 3 meals a day or not.
  • What is RH’s position on Creation vs Evolution?
  • What should be the Christian’s view of drinking? Is getting “buzzed” a sin?
  • I would be interested in hearing a panel discussion on Christian liberty issues. I struggle with what is a legalistic perspective and when it is participating in something that hurts the heart of God. The balance of striving to be “in the world, but not of the world, but for the world” is hard to distinguish. The main area I struggle with this in is entertainment choices, music (not drums and beat etc, but lyrics), acceptance of swearing. What are the Pastors perspectives/personal experiences in this and how do we seek wisdom on it?
  • Why doesn’t RH do “altar calls”?
  • Why does the Lord not want RH to have altar calls that would provide both believers and unbelievers with an invitation to respond–individually, humbly, and outwardly–to God’s Word?






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