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Apr 2010

Ecclesiastes 4:4-16 Sermon Reflection Guide

DOWNLOAD: Reflection Guide: Ecc 4:4-16

It’s a tricky thing to pursue something we cannot make happen by our pursuit!  But that’s what community is.  In fact sometimes the more we try to get it the more it eludes us.

In this sermon, we look at the sinful reasons real gospel community does happen for us.  We then look to how the gospel undermines our envy, pride, dissatisfaction, etc. by bringing us the surpassing value of Jesus.   We are compelled and enabled to form deep and meaningful spiritual relationships in community as we become humble and satisfied in Jesus alone.

Am I really willing to do the hard work of losing face before others by being honest about myself?

As you reflect on the sermon this week, may we be more willing expose our need for Christ and repent.  It’s the only way to realize the God-exalting, joy-filled community that Jesus died to create.


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