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Jan 2010

A Great Way To Serve Holton Elementary
5K Runners

Putting Feet to the Gospel

By God’s grace, we have the opportunity to use a public school building for our Sunday morning gatherings. God has blessed us by creating a space for us at Holton. However, as Christians, we understand that God blesses his people so that they might be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:2).

That’s why we make an effort to remember our gracious hosts at Holton. They are at the top of the list when it comes to the people whom God has brought across our path for blessing.

So, just like last year, we’re going to get involved in the annual Holton 5K Race, which will be held on Saturday March 6, 2010.  More details will follow later but, for now, there are three main ways to get involved:

  1. Go to Linwood Holton Night at Qdoba (Willow Lawn) for dinner on Thursday March 4.  Qdoba will give $1.50 for every adult meal and $0.50 for every kid’s meal to support the 5K Race.  You can see the official flyer here on Holton’s website.
  2. Be a race-day volunteer.  More details will follow but, if you are interested in volunteering for about two hours on race day, let me know at
  3. Register to run/walk in the race.  Why not?  Most of you look like you’re in pretty good shape anyway.  You probably wouldn’t even have to do any special training for the event.  I’ll be in the race with you if you decide to run.  

Anyway, you can get more information about the race here, and, should you decide to run, even if you come in last, you would still have been a blessing to some of the people who are first on our list from God. Thank you so much for considering this opportunity to help your church be a blessing to others.


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