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Nov 2010

A Note From Robert

Yesterday Robert sent a note to be read at our Sunday morning service. For those who missed it, we’ve posted it here for you to read.

Church Family,

Let me just say how humbled I am to be your pastor. As I have had nothing but time to think over the last couple of weeks, my thoughts often turned towards you and I was repeatedly humbled that I get to serve you and serve our Savior with you.

Your emails of encouragement over the last week were truly amazing…and very timely. As I was stuck at home and unable to speak or eat there were times when fighting to Enjoy God felt like a losing battle, but your words of encouragement were timely and used as mighty instruments in God’s hands to encourage my heart and strengthen my spirit.

As for my health, I am on the backside of this strange experience. The pain in my mouth and throat have lessened tremendously and I have been able to get some foods down over the last couple of days…which is a good thing b/c I’ve probably lost 20+ pounds. I fully anticipate to be back eating and speaking this week, just in time for Thanksgiving. Erin and the kids have been troopers with all of this. Dad hasn’t gone down sick in a few years, so this was a big shift…and we praise God for protecting them from this crazy bug.

Again, thank you for the privilege of being your pastor. You guys truly are a blessing to me and to my family.

Enjoying Grace Together.
Robert Greene

P.S. – be prepared to stick around for a while when I’m back in the pulpit…I haven’t talked in a couple of weeks, so I’m sure that I’ll have much to say 🙂


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