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Mar 2009

A Portrait of Grace In Action

It’s always a challenge for me to teach about being a husband who loves his wife like Christ loves the church and who loves his kids enough to cultivate the character of Christ in their heart…mainly b/c I see anew just how inconsistent I am. So, after preaching last week about the responsibility that we men have in cultivating the character of Christ in our families, I was encouraged by a beautiful example of this lived out by Scott Thomas, president of Acts29. Take a few minutes to read this short post regarding his journey in this amazing process.

May Redemption Hill be a place were men take their calling as fathers and husbands as seriously as God does.

My oldest son just turned 20 today – officially at 7:26 pm Mountain Time. It seems just like yesterday that our long awaited firstborn arrived and had to be rushed to NICU with a hole in his lung. read more>


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