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Nov 2010

A Way to Help Robert

Over the last 7 days Robert has battled an intense virus that has resulted in more than 50+ ulcers in his mouth and throat and nearly unbearable pain. He has had a diet of water, milk, and pain meds, and is currently quarantined in his bedroom.

It is undoubted that, in the midst of such a trial, that there has been a battle to stay encouraged. In his own words the other day Robert even said, “It is extremely painful and frustrating…I bounce back and forth from hopefulness and despair…but God is going to work His patience in me one way or another. Fighting to Enjoy Grace with you…”

Let us help our pastor in this fight!

Today I ask you to flood Robert’s inbox with emails of encouragement and thanks. Let him know how God has used him and Redemption Hill in your life. Encourage him with God’s Word and any work of grace you have experienced recently.

Being a pastor can be a hard and lonely job. In the midst of trials, it can often be a time when the enemy of our souls will call into question everything you have given your life for. So, let us rise up and stand with Robert and his family today. I speak from experience as a pastor, you have no idea how far it goes in the heart and mind of a pastor to hear that his efforts are bearing fruit in people’s lives.

Please encourage your pastor today. His email is Robert AT redemptionhill DOT com

Grace and peace to you,


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