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Jan 2012

Anthem of the Redeemed

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. – Psalm 121:1-2

You may expect that between here and heaven, if you have not met with it yet, you will have enough trouble to destroy you unless the Lord is your Helper. – Charles Spurgeon

This Sunday we will be introducing a new song to our Sunday gathering entitled Anthem of the Redeemed by Relevant Worship (Brothers McClurg). It is featured on their Anthem of the Redeemed album. The song is a simple reminder that it is God who we should turn to and rely upon in the midst of our daily trials and afflictions.

Anthem of the Redeemed is based on Psalm 121:1-8, and although the circumstances surrounding the psalm are not clearly stated, because of the psalmists cry for help, it is implied that he may have been in some state of anxiety or distress. Basically, the psalmist was in need of God’s help, and instead of choosing to wallow in self-pity, he chooses to put his confidence and trust in God, his “Helper,” who made heaven and earth.

Just like the psalmist, we also are in need of God’s help every waking moment of our lives. Many times though, we search for help within the creation and don’t realize that help from within the creation is always tainted in some degree. True help, wholeness, and healing can only come from the source of creation; the creator. True help can only come from God. In Jesus, God reveals to us this truth; time and time again throughout the gospel we see examples of how Jesus is our help and there is nothing else that can be our help except the Lord. In his strength, we are then encouraged to choose to look towards God in our most difficult circumstances.

So where do you find your help? Is it truly in the one who made heaven and earth, and who has “redeemed your life completely for his will?” God’s character assures us that He has the ability to follow through on His promise to help us. He Who spoke the heavens is to be “my” personal Helper. This is a pretty humbling thought.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

I will lift up my hands all I am up to the mountains where my help comes from
In your strength I have found the will to rise again now to proclaim the beauty of Your name

We will lift the highest praise
You alone are truly great

We will shout Your fame with endless voices raised
You have redeemed our lives completely for Your will oh God
So take our hands and set them to Your plan
Jesus You be glorified

I will lift up my hands all I am up to the mountains where my help comes from
You are all that I seek
Your Kingdom and Your righteousness oh God
Make us instruments of peace

I will always say, blessed be Your name
Ever You are faithful unto me

You can purchase and download Anthem of the Redeemed by clicking here. I pray that meditating and singing the truths found in Psalm 121:1-8, and this song, will, in times of distress and anxiety, lead us to put our confidence and trust in the one who stands above, beyond, and within this world, and to proclaim and adore our supreme “Helper,” Jesus Christ. May we “always say, blessed be your name. Ever you are faithful unto me.”


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