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May 2016

“Ask Me Anything” Summer

This summer, we will once again be hosting our Summer Dinner Series during the four (4) Wednesday nights in July at The Fourhundred. The opportunity to EAT, GROW, and CONNECT around specific topics is always a highlight in our yearly rhythm; however, this year we will be doing things a little differently. This summer, we’re going AMA! “Ask Me Anything.”

Do you have a sticky question? A series doubt? A thorny, intellectual problem with the Christian faith that’s always bugged you? Have you ever had a question you wished you could ask on a Sunday morning or in a Community gathering? Well, now you can. We believe that if there is one place you should be able to come with your questions, it’s the Church. Therefore, the topics for our 2016 Summer Dinner Series will be based upon your questions. So we need your help!

Here’s How It Works

Pick your top questions and ask away. Ask anything you want! No matter how big, or difficult, or painful, or shocking. Once a good handful of questions come in, we’ll pick the most popular ones and address those during our 2016 Summer Dinner Series. Just like that.

How Do I Ask My Question?

First, think of some good questions. Second, once you’ve got them, drop them in the form below. Alternatively, you can text your questions to (804) 410.4455, write your questions on a connection card on Sunday and put them in the offering box, or email them to Questions submitted by fax machine, snail mail, telegraph, smoke signal, ham radio, flag semaphore, or other alternative means of communication will not be considered.


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