Jul 2009

Assured: Physical or Spiritual Healing?

Context vs. Conjecture

Sermon Audio:

Sermon Text:

Conjecture: It is God’s intention that Christians not suffer physical illness and He has secured temporal physical healing through wounding His Son Jesus for those who would have sufficient faith.

Context: Jesus on the cross has suffered the wounds that we should have received in punishment for our sin.  Therefore God is satisfied with Jesus’ stripes and no longer holds our sins against us.  Thus healing our sickness… estrangement from God.

Reflection Points

  • Have you blamed God or yourself for not being healed or delivered from suffering?  Are your expectations of God correct?
  • Do you see how God could use your current suffering to make much of Him?  Does that really matter to you?
  • Do you belong to God?  If you are doubting, ask God to help you turn away from yourself and look only to the wounds of Christ.