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Apr 2011


This Sunday, we will be premiering a new song by our own Laura Agaba, entitled Restored. Here are the lyrics, followed by some thoughts from Laura about her inspiration for the song:

    God our creator in human likeness
    The Glory of Heaven, with flesh put on
    Standing condemned at the hails of the scoffers
    Standing condemned for our sin

    T’was death on a tree for the Prince of Glory
    The light of the world was veiled in death
    Forsaken by God with the world on His shoulders
    The Lion was led like a Lamb

    Laid in a tomb, the sustainer of all life
    Three days of silence, the temple torn down
    The grave could not hold Him, the stone was no hindrance
    Alive and triumphant He stands
    He stands

    Death is not final, nor evil victorious
    Where is your boasted sting o death?
    Restored to the presence of God the Father
    Restored by the Blood of the Lamb

Restored was written in response to some of the Partnering to Remember scripture in Philippians. I have been so blessed by meditating on scripture while at work and allowing God to take my thoughts captive with his Word. The lyrics of the song really came out of the second chapter of Philippians. In Philippians 2:5-11, Paul describes the way in which Christ “humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” The line “Glory of Heaven with flesh put on” is what I see when I think of Christ leaving His rightful place and becoming like us, “found in human form.” As I meditated on these verses and wrote down my thoughts, the lyrics began to form.

I have always wondered at the paradox that the cross is, at once, beautiful and grotesque. The beginning of the song really deals with the ugliness of the cross and the gravity of the death of Christ upon it. And the emphasis is not as much on the physical burden of the cross, but on the spiritual burden. While the physical aspect is horrible, the real sacrifice of the cross was the “weight of the world” on a sinless and perfect Christ. It’s the creator and sustainer of all life standing in our place of condemnation.

The second half paints the cross as beautiful because through it, Christ defeated death and its sting. The grave, which is a point of finality in the minds of humans, is no hindrance for The Christ. Not only did He defeat His death, He defeated ours as well. He took away the sin that stood between us and the Father, and we are now restored to His presence by the blood of The Lamb.



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