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Oct 2009

Being Ambassadors and Servants this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving today draws up images of harvest and extravagant meals.  Historically, the American Thanksgiving was a celebration of God’s providing deliverance through the harvest (natural means) and through the Pilgrims’ community (the Native Americans.)  As God used these two means, he also supernaturally intervened to keep the  entire community from starving.  Thus we celebrate today.

We also have much to thank God for because of the deliverance He provided us through the Gospel of Jesus.  Our jobs are the natural provision for our lives.  Our church, friends, and family are his community provision.  And supernaturally God has intervened and provided for us salvation through Jesus.  Thanksgiving, indeed!

In our last sermon series we were challenged to think of how we live “in this city, for the nations.” As God’s children we have been served by the One who left glory to go on mission for our sake.  Our love for Him draws us to serve others as we have been served, caring for the city where God has put us.

Please consider two opportunities to serve and be ambassadors this Thanksgiving:  Welcome a refugee family into your home to share a meal with you, as detailed in the previous post.  Or join others from Redemption Hill as we help to serve a Thanksgiving meal in Church Hill.

Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT) is an inner-city non-profit whose goal is to create and sustain intentional communities that are dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk youth in Church Hill.  We are one of the churches/groups partnering with CHAT to help provide a Thanksgiving meal that helps build community in Church Hill.  CHAT is looking for people who will help set up, bring food, serve food, and break down afterward.

If you are free the Monday night before Thanksgiving (November 23) and able to help with the CHAT Thanksgiving meal, look for the sign up to come through the City, our RH online community, or get in touch with Chris Whiting at

Our prayer is that this Thanksgiving, instead of being merely a time of feasting, may be a time where we marvel at the magnificent grace of God in our lives and turn that grace toward others as ambassadors and servants of Christ.



Michael B. Howell

November 4 2009 Reply

My wife and I are not members, however, we know a few people that have attended Redemption Hill and we do plan to visit soon. After my wife saw the post “Being Ambassadors and Servants this Thanksgiving” she approached me about this. We are interested and I have a question. Can we be ambassadors and servents if we are not members?

thank you in advance.

Gob Bless – Mike Howell

Rebekah DeRoco

November 6 2009 Reply

Definitely, Mike! Neither of the opportunities listed above are exclusive to RH folks. We are joining other churches and other people in serving the refugee families and CHAT. You can get in touch with Wendy Shelton for the refugee opportunity and with Chris Whiting for the CHAT opportunity and both will be thrilled to include you.

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