Dec 2008

Being the Church During an Economic Recession

Sermon Audio:

Sermon Text:
Luke 10:25-37; Acts 4:32-37

What does it look like to be the reflection of God’s character – His love, mercy, justice – during a time of economic uncertainty? This morning we’ll unpack the story of the Good Samaritan to see how Jesus might deal with this question.

Reflection Points

  1. If you had to rearrange your weekly time commitments in order to create a two-hour block for the purpose of being a neighbor to somebody else, where would those two hours fall during the week? Where might you spend those two hours?
  2. Which aspect of the Samaritan’s display of mercy would be most difficult for you and why?
  3. Risking your personal safety to help a complete stranger?
  4. Altering your schedule at a moment’s notice?
  5. Potentially ruining your car’s upholstery?
  6. Spending hundreds of dollars to pay for the victim’s shelter and medical care?
  7. Coming back to check up on the victim, not really knowing how much more of a sacrifice that follow-up visit could demand of you?