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Nov 2012

Bible in a Year – Week 1

In conjunction with our current series The Drama of Redemption, as a church, Redemption Hill is going to read through the Bible. We will be using the reading plan from George Guthrie’s Reader’s Guide to the Bible. Guthrie’s book is a great resource and has lots of good information and questions associated with each daily reading. If you’re able, we highly recommend you pick up a copy. Regardless,  we will post each week’s readings on the website so we can all follow along together as a church.

Join us in the great venture to engage God’s word as a community this year. We begin today!

This week’s Readings:
Monday –  Genesis 1-2
Tuesday – Psalm 8, 104, and John 1:1-3
Wednesday – Genesis 3-5
Thursday – Genesis 6-7
Friday – Genesis 8-9, Psalm 12
Saturday – Genesis 10-11




November 5 2012 Reply

Hey Ryan,
You might want to let people know that if they go to the website, below, you can download the bible reading plan to your iphone or ipdad. It’s a great way to try to keep up with the readings.


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