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Jun 2009

Blatant Abuse of Authority

Sleeping Beauty

I bet that got your attention…since this is the Pastor’s Blog, we’ve decided to be more personal in how we approach it…so from now on this will be the spot to keep up with what is going on in our lives and what is going through our heads. 

I’ll abuse my authority and get it started:

I have more things to thank God for than I even recognize…but as I held my baby girl last night I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

To get you all up to speed, we received a clean report from the doctor regarding Lois’ heart.

The days and nights between her birth and this report have been some of the most anxious moments I have experienced in a long time. To be honest, I wondered how I would have responded if the report was different? Would we have what it takes to go through something like this again as a family? Wondering about her strength and frailty really only served to expose many of the weak spots in me that are still in need of God’s gracious transformation…fears, insecurities, idols of all sorts.

But thanks be to God, He has knitted my baby girl together for His glory and He has not finished knitting together my sinful soul either. I’m thankful for the blessing of my kids and I’m thankful for God’s gracious reminders of my desperate need for Him.



Raymond Goodlett

June 18 2009 Reply

You guys have such a beautiful family! May the Lord grant you wisdom as you sort through what it means to have 4 Greene’s in the house. We love you guys.

Paul Burkhart

June 29 2009 Reply

why does Robert look more exhausted than Erin?

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