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Nov 2009

“Brethren, skype one another…”

One of the most exciting things for me about life at Redemption Hill is experiencing the riches of Christ through the depth of community.  Knowing and being known by others is the the best way to both see and feel the extent of our weakness and to see and feel how great Jesus is for us.  

For this reason, many of us have pursued the depth of the community with a passion and the joy from it is contagious.  However, the Mechanicsville Community has taken this pursuit to a whole new level.

Evette was recovering from surgery and was under doctors’ orders not to leave her house.  She was, however, not to be denied her weekly small group meeting.  She urged, pleaded, (threatened) her group leader (me) to figure out a way to skype her into the two meetings that she was supposed to miss.

And this is what happended: 



Erin Greene

November 6 2009 Reply

That’s awesome!

Evette Hicks

November 6 2009 Reply

Hmmm, must be a really great small group and desire for the gospel in community or a tenderhearted group leader. Yea!!

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