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Oct 2014

The Bull’s Eye

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28

No matter how your day has started off so far, take some time to dwell on these stunning words from Martin Luther (What Luther Says):

He does say not only “Come” but also “all,” no one excluded, no matter who he may be and though he were the very worst of men…Very well, then, since all are to come…come along and turn to Him, nor willfully remain behind with the mass that is lost and in this way carelessly and wantonly neglect your salvation. Furthermore He says, “to Me.” He does not direct you to another, who does not know the way, who himself has lost the thread in the labyrinth and goes wrong in this and that direction, but He says, “to Me,” who knows the way without fail and is able to find the path by day and in the dark of night, without any injury to your feet. For Christ, and He alone, is the way and the road, He the center of the circle that embraces all, yea, the center of the target – the bull’s-eye, at which all archers must aim and shoot, and the only One the beginning of all numbers.

Absolutely beautiful. Rest in those thoughts today!


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