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Apr 2015

Called Up Yonder

Let my cry come before you, O LORD; give me understanding according to your word! Let my plea come before you; deliver me according to your word. My lips will pour forth praise, for you teach me your statutes. My tongue will sing of your word, for all your commandments are right. – Psalm 119:169-172

This Sunday, we will be introducing a new original song to our gathering, Called Up Yonder by Megan Clinch. Megan talks about the song here:

“I wrote this in 2014, just after my Nana died. She was a beloved matriarch and the one to encourage me that voice was my primary instrument. She simply suggested a lifetime spent singing for my own joy and to praise the Lord, not for the love of my sound or to hear people clap. A few days before she passed away, all she wanted was to hear familiar songs and chase away uncertain fears while approaching death. And when she went home, I was left with Psalm 119 and 130 ringing in my ears. There I found a song waiting, nestled among some big ideas.

The enjoyment of God is the only happiness upon which our souls can rest and be satisfied. To go to heaven, to fully enjoy God, is overwhelmingly better than any and all luxury here. We chase after the wind; but He is the Spirit creating and sustaining all life. So we read His Word and sing to one another while singing to God; we hear each other’s voices reinforce our faith. I sing to know that I am not alone! The act of unrestrained singing (or laughing out loud) without shame is a rich gift. So consider this an exhortation to find your voice for Christ’s sake.”

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Let my heart say, The Lord is my portion
I will never be forsaken
Embed Your Word as my delight
A heritage fixed in heaven

(Let us) Praise, lament, sinner, child (brother, son)
May my heart sing not alone
Rejoice and wail with me
Til we’re called up yonder, home
Til we’re called up yonder, home

Wait for the Lord, my soul
In His word, place all hope
Find with the Lord there is steadfast love
And mercies new each morning

Great is your mercy, God
Your righteousness upholds me
Open my mouth, I long for your commands
The sum of your Word makes me whole


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