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Sep 2017

CBR Workshop | Why Personal Is Not Enough

Relationships matter in our daily private reading of God’s Word, but one significant roadblock to this is isolationism and individualism. We believe that our Bible reading is incomplete if we simply listen to God in His Word, and don’t hear from God’s Word through others. This is why the Community Bible Reading (CBR) journal was created. It’s a tool to help us experience increased intimacy with God in His Word, AND to experience increased Intimacy with God’s people AROUND His Word.

Join us Tuesday night, September 26th, for a special CBR workshop on Why Personal Is Not Enough with Ted Sinn. Our prayer is that everyone who attends will leave with a better personal plan on how to listen to the bible in gospel-centered relationships.

Be sure to bring your CBR Journal! If you don’t have one yet, they will be available for $10 at the workshop.

Childcare WILL be available for this workshop. When you RSVP, comment with the ages of your kids.

You can RSVP here.


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