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Jun 2009


With apologies to Mark Driscoll, I am ripping off his fantastic application questions from his Ministry Idolatry talk at the Advance ’09 conference and rewriting them as challenges to us as parents.

  1. Does your joy change when your child’s behavior changes?
  2. Do you feel God’s approval of you depends on your skill as a parent?
  3. Do you consider yourself more righteous than someone who doesn’t parent as well as you?
  4. Do you point to your successes in parenting as evidence of God’s approval of you?
  5. What family traditions are you upholding that thwart the forward progress of the gospel?
  6. Do you worship your parenting method as your mediator?
  7. Are you motivated primarily by God’s glory or by how people see you?
  8. Is success what motivates you at the deepest level?
  9. Do you use the pressure of parenting to make you walk with God?
  10. Does it matter to you that your family be considered unique?
  11. Who-other than Christ- are you imaging?  What woman or man do you want to be like?

If any of those speak particularly to you, check below to see what idol of the heart (see Ezekiel 14:1-6) the question is connected with:

  1. Behavior
  2. Gifts/Skills
  3. Truth
  4. Fruit
  5. Tradition
  6. Method
  7. Reputation
  8. Success
  9. Parenting
  10. Innovation
  11. Leaders



July 13 2009 Reply

I have never thought of truth as an idol. This list is a helpful example of determining what I really value.

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