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Mar 2021

Church Center App

Church Center is the public-facing interface to the Planning Center suite of products we incorporate here at Redemption Hill: Services, Groups, Group Messaging, Giving, Registrations, and more. There is a web side to this, and an app side (both have the same information). We would highly encourage those who call Redemption Hill Church home to download the app onto their phones. The app can be downloaded for free to an iOS or Android device.

Once downloaded and logged in, you will be able to see upcoming event registrations, all the groups you are a part of, give, check out recent sermons or video series, see a church-wide calendar, update your contact info and pictures, and more!

Something that we are slowly introducing is the ability to carry on conversations within the groups you are a part of. This could be in your RH Community, an Equip class, or any other group you are a part of.

Simply navigate over to the Church Center Home page here…login if you need to (top right)…click the “More” menu and then “Groups.” Find a group you a part of, then click “View Group,” you’ll see some tabs on the left where you can post/view topics/messages, view any upcoming events within that group, view any resources may have been posted to the group, and a list of the group members and their contact info (you can edit what contact information you share with everyone). You can create and view messages/posts/topics in here the same way as the phone app, and it shows up everywhere for the group.

We hope to start using this more in the coming year, as opposed to random emails flying your way. Similar to other church management software you may have encountered, this will allow us a safe and secure environment to carry on conversations and disseminate information. If you have any questions, drop us an email here.


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