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Aug 2011

Church Partnership | Citylight Church

Redemption Hill is committed to being a church that plants churches. Our intention is to see Gospel-Centered, Grace-Driven, and Mission-Minded church communities cultivated throughout the greater Richmond area, as well as throughout our entire region. Here is the story of one of our church partnerships in Roanoke, Virginia.

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Jennie Munson

August 30 2011 Reply

I loved watching this!
Citylight is our Oasis during our times back home in Roanoke. My husband and I teach in China, yet Citylighters never questioned our “sometimeness.” We were loved and accepted from our first visit, and we have attended every day we were home since that first visit in the summer of 2010. Gospel centered, mission minded, loving, gracious, and refreshing! Thank you for supporting this fabulous place!

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