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Jan 2015

Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery | The God of Life

Come behold the wondrous mystery: slain by death, the God of life;
But no grave could e’er restrain Him, praise the Lord, He is alive!
What a foretaste of deliverance; how unwavering our hope:
Christ in power resurrected, as we will be when he comes.
– Fourth verse of Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery by Matt Boswell, Michael Bleecker, and Matt Papa

This last verse invites us to behold again the mystery of the cross. Jesus, the author of life, takes upon himself the wages of our sin: death. Although Jesus satisfies the justice of God after sacrificing Himself for three hours on the cross, the story of the gospel doesn’t end there. This is what separates Jesus from all other sacrificial lambs offered in atonement. This is what separates him from all other historical figures and martyrs who died for their causes. This is what makes him different than simply just a good man who died too soon. The resurrection.

As this verse tells us, that though Jesus was slain by death, he could not be constrained by it. Though He was crushed by the hammer of God’s justice for our sins, it would not suffocate the God of life. After remaining in the tomb for three days, God raised Jesus from the dead. This is the foundation of our hope and the anchor of our faith. The death that should have defeated us for eternity could not defeat Jesus. God did not abandon His soul to the grave or let Him see corruption. And for this we sing and we can joyfully say, “Praise the Lord, He is alive!”

This event gives us a preview of what will one day happen to all who trust in the sacrifice of Jesus. Just as He was resurrected from death to new life, we too will be resurrected. Just as death holds no power over Jesus, it holds no power over us as well. That which once served to destroy us, now serves as a doorway to new life. What a foretaste of our deliverance! We can be assured that as certain as Jesus is alive, we have life as well. Let us place our confidence in this in the midst of the death, suffering, fears, and anxieties that we face in this world. Jesus was resurrected by God in power and we will be resurrected with Him when He comes again!

Rayshawn Graves


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