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Dec 2014

He Has Come

As an artistic response to our NEW Advent sermon series entitled He Has Come, resident artist and Redemption Hill Church member Susanna Seabourne crafted the following piece:
He Has Come
From the artist:

“The Tumbling Tesseract is a blend of imagination and reality to make tangible a thing that I feel so deeply, yet cannot see. In this piece, I’m using a fourth-dimensional cube (a “hypercube” or “tesseract”) to represent Christ’s entrance into the world. This entrance was a surprise, an illumination; and in this illustration, I wanted to highlight the concept of gift-giving. Child-like though it may seem, gift-giving is a weighty motif throughout the nativity story, and one I would like to showcase in my illustration. This gift motif is first seen in the birth of John to his unexpecting mother Elizabeth, and disbelieving father Zacharias. Then, Mary is a gift to Joseph as his bride. Finally, Jesus is a gift to both Mary and the rest of the world from our God. So what do all these gifts say about their Giver? They say that our God is generous and wise; and, from the beginning, He has had a plan to save and care for His people. He spared nothing for our sakes when he sent His Son to the earth to live and die in our place; and in this act of sacrifice, He gave his people the gift of salvation. He set the standard for us – one we try to imitate most boldly during the Christmas season, but also during the rest of the year by placing ourselves in positions that expose our captured hearts to uncaptured ones. Giving of ourselves in any way possible, we are missionaries and moment-makers for our God, who performed a sort of rehearsal for us in Christ’s birth so that we would truly know what sacrifice looks like when it comes to proclaiming the good news of Jesus to those we know and love. While God needs no one to hand him a beautifully wrapped package on Christmas morning, He does quietly ask through his own picture of gift-giving that we give of ourselves to those around us. God made tidal waves with his gift of salvation, and it is our joy and privilege to makes ripples as we physically and emotionally give of ourselves this Christmas time.”



Tiera Latham

December 6 2014 Reply

This picture is amazing and I couldn’t have explained the Christmas story any better than you just did. Thanks for sharing your gift and the awesome reminder of the gift of salvation! May this be encouragement to many during this holiday season, that God loves us so much he sent his only son onto the earth for us though undeserving.

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