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Sep 2010

COMMUNITY LINK, this Sunday!

Connect with other people that want to know and experience the good news about Jesus.

This Sunday, Sept 12, everyone will get a chance to “speed date” all the Communities after the service. You can meet the leaders and other folks in the Community to see which one is a good fit.

Communities are the primary way we get to know each other and begin to live out the gospel. We gather each week in homes to reflect on the Sunday sermon, to share our questions, joys and struggles with each other, and, at times, to share a meal. Through these relationships, we are changed by God’s grace and we joyfully respond by serving others here at Redemption Hill and throughout our city.

Be sure to grab a Community postcard to get the details on each one. Weekly gathering, leaders’ contact info, distinctives of each Community will be on there. In the mean time, contact me via email or The City with any questions.


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