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Jan 2009

Connecting our Kids to Christ and Life

Kids Small GroupThe “tweens” from third grade up have started meeting in their own community group.  By all reports, it is the highlight of their time in church community.

The group starts with dinner together and games that leave them messy or laughing.  Then, after an attempt to sing together (the Christmas hymns were the best yet) Bill Francavilla leads a teaching and discussion of the material that has been preached in the sermon on Sunday morning.  Each week the children also work on different mini-missions projects.

All the children this age stay in the service on Sunday mornings for the entire time.  This group’s goal is to intentionally connect the kids to the life of Christ both in and out of church stuff.  For the fall, we have been serving the parents by encouraging the kids to connect with the sermons on Sunday by talking with them about the same material.  We also have been preparing simple crafts that we are taking to missional field trips together.

While the children are at an age where they are trying to figure out their place in the family and world, we want them to know that their search is valued in the context of the larger church community.  If this group builds their excitement for the word of God and draws them closer to worship with their parents, its goals will be well served.


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