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Nov 2009

COTN Bake Sale

Sunday the Kids’ Community Group (RH middle schoolers) held a bake sale to raise money for an organization called Children of the Nations.  This group aims to partner with nationals to provide holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children, enabling them to create positive and lasting change in their nations.  Our kids’ group was particularly energized by the prospect of helping orphaned and destitute children, so the kids have been planning this bake sale for months.

We learned more about COTN getting ready for the bake sale; their wholistic efforts to shape national leaders in these countries focus on the following eight areas:

  1. Education
  2. Feeding Centers
  3. Medical Centers
  4. Evangelism and Discipleship
  5. Agricultural Farming
  6. Micro-Enterprise
  7. Children’s Homes
  8. Trauma Counseling

As you can see from the pictures below, the kids had a great time.  They also had a productive time; they raised over $125 from their bake sale to send to help children in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and the US through COTN.


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