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Dec 2009

A Thousand Words are Worth a Picture

As Redemption Hill wraps up its first full calendar year, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s grace.  Week after week believers, seekers and doubters have been gathering in North Metro Richmond as we communicate and celebrate this undeserved and precious grace that comes to us in Jesus.  Then many that call RH home scatter to Community Groups throughout Greater Richmond to deeply experience this grace and serve our city with one another.  It is one of my greatest joys to see more folks each week gathering and scattering in this historical rhythm. (Acts 2:45)

We’ve posted some pictures below to help tell the stories of transformed lives and how God is using many to cultivate the soul of the city.  Please take a minute to click through the pictures to get a sense of what’s happening here.  Be sure to watch some video of our first baptism!

Transformed Lives (click each image to enlarge)

Cultivating the Soul of the City (click each image to enlarge)

Int’l                Youth Life        Homeless        Comfort           Campus        Church Hill
Students        Foundation        Ministry        Zone Camp     Connection       Tutoring

Baptism in the James River

Click here to watch the video


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