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Jun 2009

Dinner, the Gospel, and some crazy games

We have had a great semester in the Kids’ Community Group- eating together, playing crazy games, and talking about some pretty intense stuff in our sermon discussions.

For the summer, the Kids’ Group will meet every week.  Instead of our bi-weekly home meeting, we will meet together during the teaching segment at our Big Ideas summer dinner series.

During our meeting, we will play some outdoor field games on the Mary Munford fields.  Then we will focus each week on one of 10 ideas that will communicate the gospel clearly to our children (along with plenty of activities and discussion.)  Finally, we will keep talking about the nations of the world and the needs of our city in order to maintain a mission-minded focus in the group.

Plans are in process to expand our group’s community service and international vision; we will tell you when those are more firmed up.  But the summer plans already included planned playdates during the days and Sunday trips to Parkwood group home.

We would love to have some extra kids along; it’s a fantastic opportunity to bring in some kids to hear and experience the gospel—with great offerings for their parents as well.

If you know you’re coming, please sign up through the website at
Make sure you RSVP for dinner if your group will be there for dinner.  The kids’ (and adult) programs will start right after that.

We’re looking forward to some Big Ideas and great fun this summer!



bonnie mcbride

June 14 2009 Reply

I would like to join you all for dinner..if seating is required, please seat me with Blair Woodside and Eric Mcbride..Thank you and see you on wednesday..What time does everything start?..Bonnie


June 15 2009 Reply

hey bonnie, dinner is at 5:30. Check out this link: for all the details. It’s all open seating so you’ll be able to sit with Eric and Blair. See you Wednesday!


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