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Apr 2010


Download: Easter Sunday Reflection Guide

This past Sunday we gathered to celebrate the fact that Jesus lived after suffering and dying in our place for our sins.   As part of our celebration we learned about the historical fact of Christ’s resurrection and then baptized 9 people!

The sermon covered:

…the validity of the Bible’s account of this unprecedented event in the eyewitness testimony of many disciples.

…the implications of Christ’s past resurrection and our forthcoming resurrection on the way we live now

…and the most current and tangible result of the resurrection: transformed lives

It was so great to be able to see both the proof and result of the resurrection in these baptisms. Before some of them, we watched short videos that captured some their stories of how God has been transforming through repentance and faith in the gospel.  Click here to see one of them. As you reflect on this sermon and listen to this story, may you receive great comfort from Christ’s resurrection and savor and experience his transforming grace.


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