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Apr 2011

Sunday Rhythm | April 24, 2011

Plan on joining us this coming Easter Sunday as we conclude the season of Lent, culminating in the death and resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ. Please use the remaining days of this Holy Week and weekend to remind yourself that the way of the Cross is not just a matter of historical record, but an invitation for us to participate in the sufferings, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We would encourage you to take some time before Sunday to pray for our two (2) gatherings this Easter Sunday. That many unbelievers would hear the Gospel and be changed. Pray that we would come prepared to expressively worship God together through the songs we sing, the prayers we pray, the scriptures we read, and the communion we partake in. Using the 2011 Redemption Hill Lent Guide as a reference, thank God that he sent Jesus to reconcile us to himself, despite our unfaithfulness. Pray that Christ would transform us into a community of servants, that would see his glory and expand his kingdom through humbly serving the needs of Richmond and the world.

God Calls His People to Worship

It is God who calls His people to worship. We do not call ourselves. It is the King who opens His gates and calls us into His courts and His mission. Our Continuation of Worship will be 1 Peter 1:3-9.

God Speaks to His People Through His Word

The Bible is the means by which God graciously reveals Himself to His people. Pastor Robert will continue with our journey through The Book of Acts: Enjoying God and Engaging His Mission. Sunday’s Easter text will be Acts 17:1-34, 18:1-28, and 1 Corinthians 15:1-58. We would encourage you to read the text in advance of this Easter Sunday, and prepare your hearts to be open to the truth God wants to reveal to you about himself.

God Strengthens His People At His Table

We take communion, or the Lord’s Supper, every week at Redemption Hill. The Lord’s Supper is a time in the service where we are tangibly reminded of the broken body of Christ and the sacrifice of sin he became for us on the cross. We are also reminded that Jesus now reigns on the throne in heaven at the right hand of the Father and intercedes for us in our prayers and needs (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

God’s People Respond in Grateful Praise

Scripture teaches us that our lives and hearts continually give response to the Word of God (Nehemiah 8:6). We respond with either hardened hearts or with praise and brokenness. Here we have a chance to stand and respond to the Living God with songs of praise.

    The songs that we will be responding to God with will include Jesus Paid It All, and See What the Lord Has Done (Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning).

God Sends His People Into the World

After calling His people into His presence, instructing them in His Word, forgiving their sins, and giving them a foretaste of the feast of heaven, God grants us His blessing and sends His people into the world to carry forward the Gospel story.



Gary Stergar

April 25 2011 Reply

Do you post your Sunday worship songs online? Do you have music for the songs that you play, that you would be willing to share? I attended Easter Sunday for the first time. My son, Jake, attends RH regularly. I periodically lead worship myself in smaller contexts, and am part of a new church start on the southside of Richmond, and will be involved in worship efforts. Thanks. -Gary

Ryan Burns

April 28 2011 Reply

Gary – We don’t post our recordings from Sunday service since many of our songs aren’t in the public domain and therefore we encounter copyright issues. That said, you’re welcome to contact Shelby Murphy, our worship and arts director at shelby AT redemptionhill dot org for more info on our songs.

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