Apr 2010

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Losing Your Illusions
Lessons from Ecclesiastes

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Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
“I was astonished that although I now loved you… I did not persist in enjoyment of my God.  Your beauty drew me to you, but soon I was dragged away from you by my own weight and in dismay I plunged again into the things of this world – as though I had senses the fragrance of the fare but was not yet able to eat it.”
– St. Augustine

Reflection Points

  • What stood out to you this morning?  What hit home?
  • Is your definition of worship holistic or event based?
  • How can you ‘guard your steps’?
  • Have you cultivated the taste for ‘listening’?
  • Are there vows that you have made and not kept?  How should you respond?