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Jul 2016

Fighting for Joy Conference Audio and Workbook

Last March, Redemption Hill Church partnered with Heart Song Counseling to present a special weekend conference to address fighting for joy in Christ in the middle of everyday life. Lead by Biblical Counselor Jason Hsieh, we sought to answer questions such as:

  • What is real joy?
  • What are the weapons to fight for joy?
  • How do our expectations about life impact our joy?
  • How do you defeat top joy-killers? (i.e., pleasing people, anger, selfishness, etc.)
  • How does Jesus Christ impact your joy?
    You can now download the conference audio and workbook using the links below:

    Fighting for Joy Audio, Part 1
    Fighting for Joy Audio, Part 2
    Fighting for Joy Audio, Part 3
    Fighting for Joy Audio, Part 4
    Fighting for Joy Audio, Part 5
    Fighting for Joy Workbook

    Speaker | Jason Hsieh, Biblical Counselor, Heart Song Counseling

    Jason Hsieh helps individuals, families, and churches to restore broken relationships and take control of runaway emotions and longings. He has taught seminars on a variety of topics, including unity in Christian households, addictions, helping others change, and the basics of Biblical counseling. 
Since 2004, he has been a member of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and has a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    Heart Song Counseling’s mission is to assist and equip churches in the care of their congregation and community by providing theologically sound counseling to those in need of emotional, spiritual and relational health. Heart Song achieves that mission through three main activities: direct counseling, coordination and consultation with pastors, and classes and seminar offerings.


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