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Aug 2009

For His Glory and My Joy

If you have been in church much on a Sunday morning, you have probably heard this phrase come out of Robert’s mouth: “for God’s glory and my joy.”  These two ideas-combined-represent the heart of the gospel.

Jesus did not die to win for himself a gloomy people, forced by their lack of options to live a life for His glory.  What is glory for Jesus- our willing participation in preaching the gospel to all nations- is joy for us.  No matter how much we might search for secondary meanings for the word “joy” (typically to justify our lack of such joy), ultimately joy is an emotion and is related to happiness.

The apostle John gave us a great example of joy when he said, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”  Surely knowing that children you love are living in God’s truth is one of the greatest joys for those who care for children.  Experience has borne that out for me in my volunteering, my teaching, and my parenting.

As you are making your plans and adjustments for the fall, consider volunteering (only twice in a three month period at Redemption Hill) to be in one of our classes with children on Sunday morning.  The connections at church… the guided experience working with children… the opportunity to serve our RH families… all these reasons to volunteer pale in comparison with the greater reason the gospel provides.

We serve children because this brings God glory-and brings us joy.


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