Foster & Adoption Care

Redemption Hill Foster and Adoption Care seeks to serve families on all sides of their foster or adoption journey.

Here are some of the ways we advocate for families involved in Foster and Adoption Care within Redemption Hill:

Support groups

Hosting both educational and emotional support groups for our foster and adoptive moms. We also plan to host a few co-ed groups with childcare provided so both parents can attend.


Redemption Hill Community Groups come alongside our foster and adoptive families as advocates, praying for and serving these families on a monthly basis through help with childcare, housework, or meals.

Family Gatherings

Provides a way for our foster and adoptive families to connect with one another in a relaxed setting.


More formal events where we seek to help educate and support people on all ends of their foster or adoption journey.

Meeting Needs

When a new placement occurs, we seek to help meet the family’s immediate needs as they adjust. We send out meal trains and share a list of other tangible needs that the church may be able to provide.

Interested in learning more about Foster and Adoption Care at Redemption Hill Church? Drop us an email here.



Redemption Hill Church is excited to partner with Lifesong, an organization that helps families in the church overcome the financial barrier to adoption. We now have an Adoption Fund through Lifesong that you can give to directly to help Redemption Hill Church members fund their adoptions. If you wish to give to this fund, click here. All donations to Lifesong are tax-deductible.