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Mar 2014

From Passing the Plate to Texting the Tithe

When I was a child, I vividly remember the part of the Sunday morning service when we took up the offering. It was usually accompanied by a “special song” as the ushers worked their way down the pews, methodically passing the plate back and forth like a well oiled machine.

As the ushers were shuffling their way down the line, my dad would reach around to his back pocket and pull out his wallet. He’d grab some cash to give to the church, and he’d usually slip me a dollar and tell me to drop it in when the plate came by.

I felt so grown up. I loved being able to give something to the church.

Fast forward 30 years and I still love to give. Unlike my dad, I don’t carry cash or my checkbook.


At Redemption Hill we see our giving as an integral part of worship. In fact, we see it as the overflow of our heart’s worship of God. We stress that our giving should not be based on legalistic rules or efforts to win God’s approval. We encourage our community to give generously—not meeting an arbitrary percentage, but sacrificing with the joy that comes from treasuring the news that Jesus sacrificed everything, and all that we have is His.


To foster this type of responsiveness and generosity, we want to offer accessible means by which you can give.

We also realize that most Americans don’t carry cash or checkbooks anymore.  That is why on Sunday mornings we offer postage-paid envelopes, so you can take them home and drop your offering in the mail box any day of the week. It is also why we offer online giving, so that you can donate or set up reoccurring donations anytime you’re near a computer.


In continuing to increase the means by which you can respond to God’s leading in giving, we are adding a new way for you to give by launching a text-to-donate option.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Text the amount you want to donate to 804.681.3700
  2. If this is the first time you’ve donated by text, you’ll receive a link to a secure page where you can enter your debit or credit card information and link them to your cell phone.
  3. Save the phone number in your address book.
  4. Done.

In the future, all you have to do is text the amount you want to donate to the number and you’re done. No need to fill out the form each time.

Watch this short video for a demo and, if you’d like, give it a try. Our Giving # is 804.681.3700




Jason Burkholder

March 3 2014 Reply

I must say, I’ve seen many people attempt a solid articulation of the importance to adhering with the progressive times, but this so eloquently reenforces the missional response of a digital generation. Thanks so much for sharing!

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