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Aug 2009


This week in Ray’s sermon on generosity he talked about giving money regularly, sacrificially, and cheerfully.  When Chris and I think about where we like to invest our money to see the gospel be the seed of change for our city, one of our favorite non-profits is the Youth Life Foundation of Richmond.  We are impressed with their results, love their approach, and believe in their vision.  It’s not hard to be cheerful when giving to an organization like this.

But as we’ve thought about how to transfer this concern for local missions to our children, we hit a developmental wall.  Expecting kids to understand the intricacies of social injustice- the inequalities of the housing, job, and school systems- and the finer points of prejudice that lie our own worldviews (despite our best efforts to root them out) is outside their comprehension.  What we really want for our young children is much simpler.  We want them to make new friends.  We want their relationships to be based first on their similarities before they begin to comprehend the cultural dissimilitude.  As they get older, I believe their hearts for social justice and Gospel-driven fairness will be stronger because they are fighting for friends.

So here you will see a few pictures from one of our times with YLFR.  These field days are friendship-building times.



Raymond Goodlett

September 1 2009 Reply

That was extremely helpful Rebekah. Once again, great post! As I think about how to transfer a passion for local missions and social justice to my children, I need to remember that they are much more apt to fight for their friends. May our children have genuine friendships with God and those who suffer most from the injustices that plague our hearts and our society.

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