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Feb 2019

Giving with Apple Pay

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ motivates our giving. It isn’t motivated by looking at another “law” for a minimum amount we’re constrained or required to give, but by looking at Jesus’ person and work for the maximum amount we’re freed to give. Our money is an indicator of our hearts, which is why we are instructed to give cheerfully, sacrificially, and regularly. It’s an active expression of our faith that recognizes God as the true provider. It affirms our trust in His ability to supply all of our needs. Giving is also an act of gratitude and dependence. It allows us to partner with God in His work through Redemption Hill Church, and in the world. This is why we want to ensure we provide every opportunity to give.

To that end, giving online just got easier! You can now use the Apple Pay feature on your IOS device to give to Redemption Hill Church. Through Planning Center Giving, you can now use Apple Pay to give online to the general Tithe & Offering, our Benevolence Fund, as well as the Betty Bristol Unreached People Fund.

Welcome to the future!


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