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Apr 2021

Good Friday – April 2, 2021

This Friday, April 2nd, Redemption Hill will not be observing Good Friday in our usual gathering. In lieu of our normal gathering, we encourage you to gather with family and friends to view the Good Friday service we created last year (embedded below).

Good Friday is the day in the church year during which we intentionally look to Jesus’ death for us on the cross. This service is also called Tenebrae, the Latin word meaning shadows. We do a Good Friday service for a few reasons. First, we want to read, narrate, and remember the events of Jesus’ death. Second, we want to reflect on these events for our understanding of God and the redemption accomplished by the cross. Lastly, we want to invite all worshippers to renewed prayer and dedication.

The service is designed to be a prolonged meditation on Christ’s suffering, and is meant to place you, the participants, in the middle of Jesus’ last moments before being laid in a tomb. Readings will trace the story of Christ’s passion, music will portray his pathos and the bewilderment of his followers, and the power of silence and darkness will suggest the drama of this momentous day.

We encourage you at home to dim the lights and approach the time humbly, worshiping deeply, and reflecting quietly with your heart centered on the suffering of Christ for you and your salvation.


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