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Feb 2010

Grace Covenant to the Rescue…Again

2 years ago this month, I was in a pinch trying to find a place to host our initial info meetings for Redemption Hill. At the midnight hour, a new friend named Chris Thomas (who is the associate pastor at Grace Covenant Presbyterian church in the Fan), went to bat for us with his session and made a way for us to meet in their little chapel on Sunday nights for about 8 weeks.

Well, with what looks like another white out this weekend, Chris and Grace Covenant came through for us and allowed us to use that same chapel today to gather some friends and film a sermon in case we get closed down again this Sunday.

So, stay tuned to the site for the latest updates on our service plans…and if the city shuts us down again, get together with your family, friends, neighbors, community group…whoever…and watch Raymond teach us what it means to pray “Our father in heaven…lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil”.

(remember those days below…?)

The Little Chapel at Grace Covenant



Johnathan Welch

February 6 2010 Reply

That is great! We are looking forward to this.
I looks like some
Church Hill folks will meet at My house tomorrow
and if this works out we will be watching it.

To everyone involved,Thank you for all your hard work and devotion.
We miss you guys.
Love Johnathan and Emily Welch

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