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Feb 2014

GRACE Dinner Recap

In case you weren’t able to make it out to the GRACE Dinners last week, here is a quick recap for you.


  1. We’re looking for some volunteers to help around The 400. Specifically looking for people to join the Clean Team and the Green Team. Clean Team will help keep the inside of the building beautiful while the Green Team will keep the outside beautiful. If you’re interested in joining either team, email ryan AT
  2. Film & Theology is back! This season we’ll be watching and discussing Groundhog Day, Citizen Kane, and Gravity. Click the links to RSVP.
  3. The Metro Region Communities are getting together and throwing a bit of a party on Valentines evening.

God’s Heart for the World

How does God exalt himself and make the glory of His son Jesus known in a village in India where there are few, if any Christians? The answer might just be in the cubicle next to you. Watch this video.

Redemption Hill – Reaching the Unreached & Unengaged

Much of the evening was given to Jake Belue who gave the church an update on the Redemption Hill Global Mission Team.

With over 3,000 people groups that are currently unreached and unengaged, meaning there is no Christian witness at all, we believe that, as a church, we can and will take responsibility to reduce that number by at least one.

Jake updated us on the process that has been taken thus far to aid in the selection of a people group as well as steps being put in place to prepare to train and send missionaries from Redemption Hill.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, we won’t write much more here. But, we do invite you to contact Jake for more information. You can also join the “Global Missions Group” on The City.

As a final note, we ask you to pray for the Global Mission Team as well as for those who have no one to proclaim the gospel to them. Also, know that your pastors are praying for you. God is going to send people from Redemption Hill. Maybe it will be you.