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  • A New Normal
A New Normal

Our last update came out not too long ago, giving a detailed look into our most important and intimate relationships in our neighborhood where we serve (Wilhelmsburg) and in the church ministry we are a part of (Hamburgprojekt). We wanted to give a broad and brief overview of what our “normal” once looked like, especially in regard to our relationships here, and specific things to pray for. With this new “summer update” we have a lot to convey, from further ministry updates and needs, as well as a glimpse at COVID existence and into the future. So buckle up and prepare for the (gasp) 6-page journey. Eek! But there are pictures! Haha. We truly appreciate you all taking your time to see what’s going on with us, and we’d love any opportunity to hear about what’s going on with you all! Please write us, message us, video call us, so we can hear more!

Brandon and Arielle Whitt

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