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Connor’s Heroes

For the past two years, the Swift Creek Community of Redemption Hill Church has been working to practically support and care for the families of kids facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Some of this support has included providing a meal for a “cancer mom’s night out,” and gift cards around Christmas for the families. Recently, the community had the opportunity to participate in a backpack project with Connor’s Heroes, an organization that works with kids with cancer and their families.

Our entire Community came together to pack backpacks full of games, gift cards, books, and other things to entertain kids when they have long days at the hospital, or extended hospital stays. The backpacks are then distributed to families while they are in the hospital after their child has been diagnosed.

We were the recipients of one of these backpacks when our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2013, and the backpack was a constant companion for 2 and a half years as we spent over 150 days at the hospital with her. The backpack was both a practical help and a constant reminder that we weren’t alone in our journey.

Conor’s Heroes was blown away that the community packed 8 backpacks. In Richmond, about 80 kids will be diagnosed with cancer this year, so one in ten kids this year will receive a backpack packed by Redemption Hill Church. The backpacks were delivered to the hospital the week after we packed them, and they are being distributed as newly diagnosed kids arrive to begin their journey of fighting cancer.

We prayed as we packed the backpacks, and have continued to pray for specific kids and families as we learn their names. This year the community will have several other opportunities to show the love of Christ to pediatric cancer families.

Matt and Chrissy Black