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  • For Such a Time as This
For Such a Time as This

In this season of unknowns, confusion and frustration, we have been given a season of deep community amongst our family, a deeper understanding of true dependance on our Father, and a more fulfilling sense of the word “gratefulness.” Just as Paul worshipped in shackles, we are experiencing our own sense of confinement here in Hamburg, Germany, as well as the ability to embrace joy in the sacrifices with a full heart. While living in an apartment without a balcony, no outside space of our own and no car, we have also been confined to what we can walk and bike to. We have experienced deep moments of sorrow as we mourn friendships where we were sharing the gospel with, and navigating the new norm of those relationships. We have grown to love each other, as a family, even more. This time has given us the space to breathe and appreciate all of the differences and quirks of the other because we have time for those things now. We know we are in a position of privilege during this time, and don’t take that lightly. We will always look back at this time fondly and with laughter, regardless of the plans it has changed. We know God never changes and we stand firm in his calling on each of our lives, “for such a time as this.”

Brandon and Arielle Whitt

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