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Jan 2010

Haiti: Called to Pray

One of the most powerful ways that you can be engaged in the restoration of this devastated nation is through prayer. As Americans, or as sinners really, we have been able to construct a church culture and system that relies on our best efforts and innovations with very little dependance on the Holy Spirit. To help us do battle with this sinful tendency our friends at Christ the King in Raleigh have written a few excellent guides for using Scripture to aid us in praying during this time.

We created these prayer guides to help adults and children pray for the situation in Haiti by formulating prayers based on Psalms 123, 124, and 126. The prayer guides follow a specific order: a prayer of lament (Psalm 123), a prayer of confidence (Psalm 124), and a prayer for restoration (Psalm 126). You are encouraged to pray these prayers in that order.

If you follow the guides, you will find yourself spending more time thinking about your prayer and writing out your prayer than you do actually praying it. That’s not a bad thing. You are approaching Almighty God, the King of Universe, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Thoughtful prayer is often appropriate.

The prayer guides are just that, guides. They are meant to help you as you think about what to pray. If you use them, spend time thinking about the Psalms that you find before each prayer. Spend time thinking about the situation in Haiti. Write down your thoughts as directed. Once your prayer is written out, get on your knees (a posture of humility) and read your prayer to God. Allow all that God has made you to be to be part of the prayer. (For example, think about the prayer and allow your emotions to enter into your prayer.)

The prayer guides are based on guides created by Richard Pratt in Pray with Your Eyes Open.

A Prayer of Lament (Psalm 123) | Guide

A Prayer of Confidence (Psalm 124) | Guide

A Prayer for Restoration (Psalm 126) | Guide


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