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Oct 2009

Hanging Around

Our kindergarteners through third graders are dismissed to their class during the Sunday morning sermon.  This dynamic group of children loves to play with each other (thus the hanging kids) and they also love to talk with each other about what God has done for them in Jesus.

This age group uses the Christian Focus curriculum.  Over a three year period, they will cover Biblical history and doctrine not on a chronological schedule but on a liturgical schedule.  That means that from the Advent season through the end of the Easter season each year, they study the life and death of Jesus and his teachings.  During the “ordinary times” of the rest of the year, they study the Old Testament story of redemption.

Of course the kids don’t really know all of this.  But they can tell you what they are praying for, what their favorite parts of the Bible are, why they love Jesus, and-of course- how much they love being together.



Heather Jastrzemski

October 26 2009 Reply

they are a good looking bunch, aren’t they? fun…

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