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May 2010

Headed to the Left Coast

By the time that you read this, my family and I will be on a plane and headed to sunny southern California…shoot, we may even be hiking the Sierra Madre mountains, exploring Big Bear Lake, or cruising Venice Beach…it’s all in the plans.

This will be the first family vacation that we have ever really taken and the entire house is stoked. My sister has graciously made the trip possible so that we could relax, see my her, my nephew, my mom, and make some great memories.

The build up has awakened me to just how much we needed this time and just how negligent I have been in not making time for it in the past. Not only do I lead and pastor Redemption Hill, but most importantly I lead and pastor our house, sometimes not as well as I should…but this week is an expression of that care. So, I will be pretty far out of pocket. The computer is staying in Richmond and the phone will be off most of the time. But Raymond and Chris will be around and available.

Yes, I’m on Twitter

If you’re so inclined, you can follow our exploits on Twitter (@robert_greene). My good friends Brad O’brien and J.D. Greear set me up with an account (read here…took my phone from me at dinner and set up an account declaring that I use it). So, I’ve been playing with it and am getting used to it…for those that choose to follow I’m sure that Jude will provide many opportunities for colorful updates.

I’ll miss you guys greatly, but know that I’ll be making the most of it with my 3 most favorite people on the planet.



Dan Kleinschuster

May 5 2010 Reply

Have a great time with your family. Look forward to seeing you when you return.

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